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Radio and Radioamater.

The first twelve issues were published by the Zagreb Amateur Radio Club under the name RADIO, a magazine for amateurs and technicians, in the period from November 1945 to November 1946. Then, under the pretext of centralization for the whole of Yugoslavia, he continued as RADIOAMATER, a magazine of Yugoslav radio amateurs, with the editorial office based in Belgrade and published by the Association of Radio Amateurs of Yugoslavia.

The vintages are usually complete, let's not look for flies. Surely it was difficult to assemble and scan this all. For this, our thanks to the firm Point d.o.o from VaraĹždin, Croatia, which made it all happen deserve our thanks. You can find contact information for her here.


It would not be out of place, if you have some of the issues of the magazine, which are not published here, let the company know and agree on cooperation.